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Female police officer was beaten by crowd in Paris

Female police officer was beaten by crowd in Paris
Bu haber 02 Ocak 2018 - 16:09 'de eklendi ve kez görüntülendi.

Horrific New Year’s Day assault on a female police officer in Paris was filmed by her attackers.

A female police officer, providing security for New Year’s Day celebrations, was brutal attacked in Paris suburb. The officer — who has not been named — was recorded being kicked around violently as the attackers around her whooped and screamed in the suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne, southeast of the French capital.

Her colleague was so badly hurt that, he was forced to remove his pistol from its holster, but he did not get a shot off.

Female police officer was beaten by crowd in Paris

The two officers were investigating reports of widespread disorder outside a house in Champigny, where a New Year party was taking place. Many were refused entry, leading to fighting in the street, and when the police arrived they in turn were attacked.

The thugs filmed themselves stamping on the female officer, who tried to cover herself as she is relentlessly beaten.

Both were finally rescued by colleagues, and then rushed to nearby hospitals. They were suffering from concussion and numerous injuries, although their condition was not life threatening.